Which is the best XPath tool for Selenium users?

Jhon Inalien
Apr 1, 2021

I have used many XPath tools like FirePath, Chropath, Xpath helper, truepath etc but recently I came to know about SelectorsHub and started using it.

Trust me the first word when I started using it was “WOW”.

I could have never imagined that XPath writing could be so easy.

The features like smart editor & error message are game changer innovation.

And then it made possible to verify selectors for nested iframe, nested shadow DOM took it to the next level.

This is a huge time saver and great tool to learn all about XPath and Selectors.

SelectorsHub is a huge timesaver and highly recommended for all the automation testers.

It’s a FREE browser plugin.

Download link

Watch this video tutorial to learn more about it